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Sonia Spinello - Sospesa - CD

Sonia Spinello - Sospesa - CD

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New record by Sonia Spinello, now an established protagonist of the national jazz scene. In the company of excellent guests with a very rich project, articulated in terms of composition and sound.

A disc that is a manifesto of Sonia Spinello. A disc with a deeply intimate, autobiographical flavor, with very strong texts. A disc that condenses his artistic and compositional spirit, confirming not only the excellent singing and interpretation skills. Here you will find Sonia Spinello in all her components. Roberto Olzer on the piano assures elegance, Fabio Buonarota on trumpet and fluegelhorn the poignant lyricism, Estro Armonico ensemble airiness and kindness. A special guest, Ivan Segreto, shares with Sonia two songs, "Neve", a piece of opening and closing almost to underline the beginning and the end of a cycle and "Sottile", inspired composition by the same Ivan Segreto. .
"Sospesa ", tells fragments of a life full of contrasts, of a soul that travels between two worlds, without being able to recognize the difference between dream and reality ...
Moments, days, months, years, it is life that flows, on the skin, in the eyes, on the lips, in the bones, suspended between heaven and earth in a limbo where nothing is real and everything is true. Flight ... I float, detach me, return, rest ...
released September 27, 2019

Estro Armonico strings quartet : strings quartet
Fabio Buonarota : trumpet, fluegelhorn
Lorenzo Cominoli : classic guitar
Roberto Olzer : piano
Recorded by Abeat Records
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