Collection: Grimm Audio

Grimm Audio is a Dutch audio research company and brand established in 2004. The main staff are scientists with high academic achievements in the audio industry. This group of knowledgeable people integrates the fields of audio electronics, acoustics, and physics, and is built on years of experience in dedicated listening, professional engineering, and audiophile enthusiasm.

Grimm Audio's first product, the AD1, is an ADC analog-to-digital converter for all recordings by classical music label Channel Classics. Grimm is an expert in ADC encoding and DAC decoding.
The CC1/CC2 master clock is the lowest jitter master clock in the audio industry. The top 5 mastering studios in the world in 2017 are using it to control and manage digital streams.

LS1 playback system – the flagship product of the critically acclaimed “world’s most complete audio system”, it serves as a reference in various studios and became the surround sound monitoring system for orchestral broadcasts and recordings at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.