Collection: Demo/Used

  • Demo & Used display or second-hand goods

  • The following products are not 100% brand new.

  • For our distributing brand products, they will have the same warranty as new products.

  • If we are not the agent for the product, the products are  second-hand product on behalf of the customer.

  • The photos show the exact details of the product. If you have any questions, please email 

  • Demo & Used 陳列品或二手商品

  • 以下產品都並非100%全新貨品。

  • 如果是我們代理品牌陳列品,會擁有跟新品一樣保修方式

  • 如果並非我們代理產品,是代客戶因升級二手商品。

  • 相片中正是商品確實細節

  • 如有任何問題歡迎電郵 / +852 3563 9535

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