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Fidata HDAD10-UBXU CD Drive

Fidata HDAD10-UBXU CD Drive

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fidata AD10 audio disc drive
achieves high-definition CD ripping and playback

AD10 (HFAD10-UBXU) is an audio disc drive ideal for combining with fidata CD ripping and fidata CD transport functionalities. It realizes high-quality CD playback and ripping not only when combined with an audio server but even when combined with PC or Mac for audio use.

fidata CD ripping functionality

The meticulous ripping function provides convenience for automatically obtaining tune info and album art and bit-perfect ripping through a simple action on the fidata Music App.

*Internet connection is required for using Gracenote MusicID® and AccurateRip™.
*AccurateRip™ used in this product is a CD ripping data verification service by Illustrate Limited in the United Kingdom, and the service is subject to termination without notice. Except for the verification function, the ripping function will continue to work even after the service is discontinued.

• Easy to operate via the fidata Music App.
• Save data either as a PCM format (44.1kHz/16 bit) WAV or FLAC.
• Choose the FLAC format from three compression levels, including "uncompressed."
• Works with music data comparison database AccurateRip™ to determine bit perfection.
• Automatically changes the ripping condition for a retry if bit perfection is assessed to be sub-standard.
• The drive tray is automatically ejected once ripping is complete.


If the system cannot read the CD audio data due to scratches or fingerprints on the disc or deformation, PureRead4+ installed reduces error data interpolation by adjusting the method of reading to re-read the disc. High-precision CD ripping is achieved as several reading algorithms operate according to the disc condition to reduce reading errors.

*This function is automatically enabled when connected to the HFAS1 series (can be disabled).

USB interface: Transfer standard: USB3.2Gen1

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